Matthias Fluor

Your Last Summer

  • Short Film
  • Year: 2023
  • Writer: Tom Ciuba, Mark J. Parker
  • Director: Mark J. Parker
  • Producer: Mark J. Parker, Tom Ciuba, Greg Clements
  • This short not-for-profit fan film follows I Know What You Did Last Summer. Jesse shows Hank an ominous note from someone who knows their secret. The Southport Slasher Ben Willis sent a similar note to Julie James 25 years ago. Is he back?
  • Starring: Ian MacGillivray, Ryan Spies, Olivia Barberian, Jenna Kathleen McLaughlin

Gay Binge Film Festival

Won -
Audience Favorite - Your Last Summer

Shire Town Film Festival

Won -
Best Short Film - Your Last Summer